How to Develop an Insatiable Hunger

1. Take 10 quiet minutes every day to ask, Why do I want it?

No amount of education, experience or connections will carry you through life’s inevitable setbacks. Without a powerful motive, no goal can withstand misfortune. You can create motive by taking time every day to visualize your goal in detail.

2. Spend time with people who have what you want.

Want to succeed as an international public speaker? Go spend time with one. When you see him or her full of passion, in the middle of a speech, receiving thunderous applause or a big paycheck, you’ll have a taste of what you can have if you put in the time to achieve your own goal.

3. Burn the boats.

According to legend, Alexander the Great landed his invasion force on the shores of Persia then ordered his ships burned. “We go home in Persian ships or we die,” he said.

4. Move your body.

When your physiology changes, so does your mind. Thirty minutes of light activity gives you more energy by increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Without energy, you can have no drive. Think about how you feel after Thanksgiving dinner or on New Year’s Day. In those low-energy states, I’m guessing you have little motivation to work on your side business.

5. Make inaction incredibly painful.

Humans are pain-avoiding creatures, so if we can make the thought of falling short of our goal bitterly distasteful, our subconscious will get busy conjuring the motivation we need.

  1. Visualize yourself performing the bad habit (procrastinating on your goal, for example).
  2. Visualize a replacement habit.
  3. See yourself pushing the image of the bad habit away while you perform the new habit.
  4. Put yourself in a positive state and imagine beginning to procrastinate, then snap your fingers and stop the behavior.
  5. Once again, visualize the new habit.
  6. Repeat the process until the new habit becomes your reality.



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