6 Ways to Find Solitude, and Why It Matters

Why Type A’s Struggle

  • Anxiety, depression and neediness: No time to mentally process situations and emotions? Your mental health will suffer, and you’ll seek an outlet in destructive behaviors.
  • Conformity: If you never take time to discover your wants and beliefs, you’ll automatically adopt them from other people.
  • Heart attacks and other health problems: Constant activity keeps your body full of the stress hormone cortisol, and it’s what kills people at 40.
  • Lack of creativity: Studies show that those who can’t bear to be alone stop enhancing their creative talents. In an economy of increasing automation, creativity will be one of the only things to set us apart from the robots.
  • Regret: Waking up after 40 years to realize all your constant activity was untied to your highest purpose is a huuuge bummer. Take time to discover what you want before you spring into action.

How to Build the Solitude Habit

1. Get up early.

2. Run, walk or bike.

  • Go alone.
  • Don’t listen to music or audiobooks.
  • Leave your phone at home.
  • Get into nature if possible, away from others.
  • Skip the treadmill or stationary bike-it’s a chore compared to exploring the outside world.

3. Daydream.

4. Drive alone.

5. Make a reservation for one.

6. Go camping by yourself.



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